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Willow services(Plumbing & Heating) Ltd

Contact: James White
Work 2 Lebertas Drive Peterborough PE2 8FN United Kingdom Phone Number: 07846428600 Membership Type: Join Date: March 16, 2020 Website: Website


Willow Services offer quality plumbing & heating services

We’re based in Great Paxton and we cover Cambridge, Bar Hill, Cambourne, St Ives, Huntingdon, St Neots and Kimbolton, as well as the villages of Comberton, Hardwick, Bourn, Papworth, Godmanchester and Little Paxton. Contact us today for a free quotation!

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Trust Willow Services

Fully insured and certified

You can be confident that we’re Gas Safe registered for boilers, pipework, cookers and gas fires. We’re a Baxi registered installer too.

All work is GUARANTEED for 1 year

You’ll see how much pride we take in our work ā€“ and we’re so confident that we do a good job that you get a one-year guarantee on everything we do.

You’re getting 30 years of experience

Qualified people give you a sense of security, and when that’s backed up with plenty of experience and lots of happy customers you can rest assured you’re getting first-class plumbing and gas services.

Fully certified

You can depend on our promise of quality

Everything we do for you is guaranteed for one year and you can rely on prompt and friendly service and a dedication to your needs. You also get all the manufacturer’s guarantees for all the equipment we supply so you can rest easy that you’re protected.

We’re Gas Safe registered for boilers, pipework, cookers and gas fires. We’re a Baxi registered installer too.

Plumbing & Heating Services

Staying warm and fresh

Nobody wants to face the reality of plumbing, boilers and heating systems that don’t work ā€“ it makes life really uncomfortable.

  • When you want a nice hot shower or a long soak in the bath, you expect there to be hot water readily available. When the boiler stops working it’s a major problem ā€“ especially if it’s winter time
  • If you have gas central heating or gas for cooking you probably don’t think about what happens when your gas system isn’t working properly ā€“ until there’s a problem
  • Running water is something you take for granted until you turn on the tap and nothing happens ā€“ or, worse still, water is running where it’s not meant to!

If you require our expertise in plumbing & heating services, please call us on 01480 582581 or use our contact form.

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Splish, splash in comfort

Modern bathrooms are no longer just a functional room with running water:

  • Kids’ bathtime is a fun event for all the family
  • Teenage girls spend ages changing their hair colour and experimenting with toiletries and make-up
  • Stressed workaholics relax with candles and a glass of wine
  • Dad finds it a great place to hide with the newspaper

Planning your bathroom so it meets the demands of your family is essential. Whether it’s adding a shower, installing a wet room or a complete bathroom revamp you’ll need expert help to advise you on what’s possible (pretty much anything) and the cost associated with it (some things can be expensive). If you require our expertise in bathroom installation services, please call us on 01480 582581 or use our contact form.

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Agents & Landlords

Give your property a little TLC

As a landlord or letting agent you need to keep your tenants happy ā€“ the last thing you want are empty properties. A regular check of the boiler is mandatory and it’s wise to carry out regular reviews of plumbing and heating to avoid expensive emergencies. If you have one or more properties let us look after the plumbing and heating for you with:

  • Pre-letting checks to ensure taps are working, washers don’t need replacing, heating is set correctly and radiators are bled (if necessary)
  • Landlord’s Certificate for your boiler and heating system, so you’re legal and keep your insurance company happy
  • Emergency call out for your tenants so you don’t need to panic when you get a call; just pass it on to us and we’ll sort it out

When we’re dealing with multiple properties you’ll find our rates very competitive and the service superb. All you need to do is to give us a call on 01480 582581 or use our contact form to tell us the services you’d like and let us give you a quote.

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2 Lebertas Drive Peterborough PE2 8FN United Kingdom