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Tree Arborist Ltd

Contact: John Burst
Work 39 Cunningham Gardens Falkirk Stirlingshire FK2 9BE United Kingdom Phone Number: 07841047941 Phone Number: 01324409776 Join Date: August 8, 2022 Website: Tree Aborist Website: Trustatrader Website: Yell Website: My Builder


We are a team of skilled and fully qualified tree surgeons, with experienced climbers, consultants, and ground staff.

Tree Aborist Ltd are the tree surgeons you can rely on. Using the latest equipment and techniques, you can be assured that your trees and their surroundings will be well cared for and work will be completed with minimal disruption.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience, so you can count on our team of qualified tree surgeons for expert advice and all work carried out to the highest standard.

We can provide other services not listed and offer free quotes and estimates.

Our Services:

  • Straight Felling
  • Section Tree Felling
  • Pollarding
  • Stump Grinding
  • Crown Reduction & Shaping
  • Pruning & Thinning
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Fencing
  • Fresh Cut Logs



Straight Felling

The removal of a tree as a single unit can only be carried out in situation in which there is no risk of damage to property or people in close vicinity. A risk assessment will be carried out to take all possible risks into account, such as telephone or powers cables crossing through, and whether or not the tree has a natural lean towards the required felling direction, or that it is standing straight and balanced. Once all factors have been taken into consideration, and providing there is a minimum of 5m clearance from buildings and other structures, then we can proceed to fell the tree from ground level.

Section Tree Felling

If a tree is in an awkward location or an assessment shows that a straight fell is not possible due to multiple structures that could get damaged, the the tree can be felled in sections. We carefully remove the tree in parts, being mindful of nearby trees and wildlife. This method involves the use of advanced rigging techniques and in some situations a crane may be required. The crown is removed first, with branches cut off and lowered to the ground with the help of groundsmen. Then the remaining tree can be cut into small sections and dropped safely.



Pollarding is the method of removing the entire crown of the tree down to the main fork of the trunk. It may be necessary in the case of a tree having a large amount of die back in the canopy and is in a state of rapid deterioration. It can make trees live longer by maintaining them in a partially juvenile state and by reducing the weight and windage of the top part of the tree. This essentially gives the tree a fighting chance of survival as the removal of the crown means it no longer has to pump so much water and nutrients into the canopy.

Stump Grinding

After a tree has been reduced to just it’s stump, the final step to it’s complete removal is to remove the stump and any lateral roots. Depending on the size of the stump, this can be done using hand tools or a machine called a stump grinder. Stumps are removed to a specified depth (normally around 150-300mm), and once the stump has been completely removed, the hole will be filled with soil or grinding waste. Using a stump grinder, we can grind the stump down, before covering it up with natural compost.


Crown Reductions & Shaping

Cutting back on old branches may be necessary when a tree has grown too large for its permitted space and it has started to encroach into other areas, such as neighbouring gardens.

We can carry out the reduction and shaping of crowns for trees of all shapes, sizes, and species of tree. All jobs are unique and will be given the care and attention need to ensure it’s left in an aesthetically pleasing, well-balanced, and safe condition.

Pruning & Thinning

Removing dead or diseased branches can help to ensure that these branches don’t fall and damage surrounding areas, as well as allowing the tree to become healthy again. And in some cases, overgrown branches can block essential sunlight for other nearby trees and shrubs, affecting their growth.

We rely on the trusted ABC cut method, and we are always careful not to cause any unnecessary damage to healthy trees.


Hedge Trimming

The trimming of hedges is often done by gardeners but it’s a service that we can also undertake. If a small hedge has grown too big and unsightly we can trim it back so that it is nice and tidy once again.

The extent to which we trim hedges is always at the customer’s request, and we can trim to the desired shape, whether that is with a straight line at the top, or rounded for a more natural look. All sides of the hedge will be trimmed and pruned to complete the job leaving it looking as tidy as possible.


We understand how important fencing is to the overall appearance of your garden, so we also provide our customers with perfect fencing to meet any requirement

A range of high quality fencing and posts can be supplied and installed, and our wood comes pre-treated to ensure durability of all our fencing installations. Our services include Panel Fencing, Close Board Fencing, Pergolas, Palisade Fencing, Sheds erected and dismantled, and all types of gates.

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Fresh Cut Logs

At Tree Arborist we also provide fresh cut logs to match all requirements. Pricing is £80 per bag currently and you can place an order by calling or dropping us an email.


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39 Cunningham Gardens Falkirk Stirlingshire FK2 9BE United Kingdom