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Contact: John Taylor-Bashford
Business Address Orchard House, Couches Lane Woodbury Exeter EX5 1HL United Kingdom Phone Number: 01395233436 Join Date: October 29, 2019 Website: Website



Anyone can get damp or rot issues in their home, no matter how new or well-kept your house is. These issues can cause serious and expensive property damage if left unchecked, which is why it’s important to call Orchard Preservations as soon as you notice signs of damp. Our experienced and reliable team will be able to implement an effective treatment that works for your needs.

Orchard Preservations has over 20 years ‘experience damp proofing your homes and businesses in the South West. We specialise in both rising damp and penetrating damp, and are able to quickly identify and recommend the best course of action, for you to take to prevent damp from damaging your home


Our team works throughout the South West to offer our comprehensive services. In addition to our damp proofing and timber treatments, we also carry out a range of skilled building works, including plumbing and electrical services. This means that it is not necessary for you to engage separate contractors for these works as all the expertise can be provided in-house.


Windows dripping condensation, water pooling on sills, damp curtains, black mould growth on walls and ceilings, mildew on clothing, musty smells etc. Welcome to a typical UK home in the winter. Orchard Preservations discreetly banishes condensation from homes.


Do you notice that your windows are often damp on the inside, or the frame is wet with water droplets? Or perhaps you’ve noticed a strange discoloured mould growing in your bathroom? Condensation is often confused with damp and is typified by the presence of black spot and other moulds. It is caused by lack of movement of air. This allows moist air to condense on cooler surfaces. If you’re dealing with condensation & mould in your home or commercial building, Orchard Preservations can help. We offer fast and convenient condensation solutions to address the problem and repair the damage.


Condensation is caused by excess moisture in the air, which can be the result of drying clothes indoors, not opening windows frequently enough, and the water vapour from bathrooms and kitchens failing to evaporate quickly. It is particularly a problem in poorly ventilated areas and can result in mould growing on furnishings and timber. 

The presence of the black spot mould in all the rooms, particularly the bedroom (exhaled breath is saturated with water vapour, which will condense with cooling), indicates that there has been insufficient ventilation or movement of air in the property. This is often caused by the lifestyle of the occupier.

Condensation will form on walls if the doors and windows are kept shut and not opened at times to allow some ventilation, if the trickle vents in the windows are kept closed and if washing is dried indoors.

The lack of air movement to disperse this condensation allows air-borne bacteria to thrive in this moisture on the surface of walls or ceiling. This mould will also spread to other contents of the rooms with an elevated moisture content.

Moulds are hydrophilic fungi in that they require high levels of surface moisture. The mould requires free moisture on the surfaces to germinate. Tiny spores produced by the mould and the higher numbers of dust mites due to the moist conditions can increase the risk of asthma and respiratory illnesses.

Basements and cellars are more prone to problems arising from dampness than structures above the ground.

You can combat these problems with basement waterproofing from Orchard Preservations. It can transform your unused basement into a comfortable accommodation that can add significant value to your property.


Orchard Preservations basement waterproofing experts install a membrane. This membrane has an air gap behind it that makes it act like a dry lining to your walls, floors, and ceiling. This makes it possible for water to be evacuated outside the building. All membrane junctions and joints are designed with the objective of removing all the water behind the membrane. This is done either through a pump installation or natural drainage.

The first task involves the installation of a cavity drainage channel around the room’s edge and bedding it into a rebate at the junction of the floor and the wall. The next task involves fixing the membrane to the walls using waterproofing plugs and then laying the membrane over the floor. The junction between the floor and the wall is sealed using a corner tape, thereby creating a complete seal from any form of water ingress. After membrane installation, the next part of this important process is securing the internal walls of your room. Your internal wall finishes can either be plastered directly onto the membrane or you can use a plasterboard dry lining system.

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Orchard House, Couches Lane Woodbury EX5 1HL United Kingdom

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