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Kluckow’s Electrical

Contact: Sean Ridout
Work 59 Admiralty Crescent Havant PO9 5FJ United Kingdom Phone Number: 07792084305 Join Date: March 25, 2022 Website: Website Website: Yell


Kluckow’s Electrical are a friendly and reliable electrical company who offer our services to the residents of Emsworth, Hampshire and surrounding areas and have been doing so for many years.

Electrical Re-wires

Over time, wiring becomes susceptible to general wear and tear, which can be extremely dangerous if left unresolved. With this, it is crucial all electrical circuits are rewired when necessary to prevent electrical hazards from occurring.

It is essential to know that damaged wiring can lead to various issues including damaged outlets, faulty circuits, and damaged electrical appliances. Therefore, this can be an extremely costly issue to repair, or even replace. With this, undergoing a rewires service will allow you to rest assured that the condition of your electrical circuits adhere to all safety regulations, decreasing the chance of you experiencing a costly, dangerous issue at a later date.

We advise all properties undergo a full rewires service every 30 years maximum, to ensure the wiring in your property is renewed, updated and maintained in a safe condition.


For rented properties, all electrical safety certificates must be updated every 5 years, along with each change of tenancy. With this, our electricians carry out a comprehensive range of electrical inspections, needed to complete the EICR service.

During each EICR service, we carry out inspections and testing on the devices, appliances, circuits, wiring, outlets, lighting and all other electrical features in the property, to ensure they are working at a safe, secure standard. If any signs of wear and tear, damages or faults are located, we will provide a detailed explanation of the issue, as well as the repair work required.

The purpose of electrical safety certificates and intricate electrical inspections is to ensure maximum safety for your tenants and property. This allows you to rest assured that all electrics adhere to all safety regulations, preventing electrical hazards from occurring which could be damaging to your property and dangerous for your tenants.

Once we have completed the inspections and all electrics are working safely, we will produce a new or updated electrical installation condition report, which will state a clear pass for the next 5 years or change of tenancy.

We provide a range of services including:

  • Full rewiring of properties
  • Upgrade fuse board (consumer unit)
  • Install lights and sockets
  • Landlord certificate
  • Electrical installation condition Report.(EICR)
  • Extra sockets
  • Lighting
  • Fault finding
  • Outdoor electrics ; power to shed or summer house.
  • Hot tubs; spa baths
  • Test and inspection
  • Kitchen rewires
  • Home entertainment
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59 Admiralty Crescent Havant PO9 5FJ United Kingdom