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Contact: John Addis
Work 6, Flat 4, Cooper Court, Oxley Park Milton Keynes MK4 4NG United Kingdom Phone Number: 07513288423 Join Date: March 29, 2022 Website: Website Website: Trustatrader


Whether you’re looking for a simple repair to a wall or you need a reliable builder to help you construct new walls for a house, we’ve got the knowledge and knowhow to do it properly. We are fully insured, have the right accreditations and we are trained in health and safety.

We are your experts in brickwork. If you’re looking for any kind of stone work, brick stitching or brickwork repairs in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire – you can rely on us to get the job done. With over 30 years of experience helping homeowners build the perfect walls, we know everything there is to do with brickwork.

We have all the relevant accreditations and certifications to give you total peace of mind. All of our brickwork specialists hold City & Guilds qualifications so you can be sure about the knowledge that we possess. Your health and safety are our paramount concern and we are trained in all health & safety procedures. We also hold full public liability insurance, so in the very rare circumstance that something should go wrong, you are covered.

We build:

  • House extensions
  • Building conversions
  • Garden rooms
  • Building renovations
  • Garden walls
  • New builds

Wall Building-

As experts in brickwork you can rely on us to build attractive and aesthetically pleasing walls which will not only look good, but will be strong and sturdy. Whether you need a new garden wall, an extension or a completely new house, we can lay the foundations that will bring your project to life. We have worked on all kinds of projects big and small, so you can rely on our experts to construct your walls perfectly.

Brick Pointing-

If your bricks look exposed then you may need to have them repointed. A relatively simple procedure, repointing will ensure that water and damp does not affect your walls and will keep your home protected. However big or small the affected area is, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to identify the work that your walls need.

Brick Stitching-

With the passing of time, cracks can start to appear in your brickwork, this can become even more pronounced if the house has been moving on its foundations. It won’t always affect the structural integrity of your house, but it is advisable that you have an expert to examine the crack. If you feel the effects of damp in your home, then you may need brickwork stitching. Brickwork stitching is more invasive than simple repointing and is needed if these cracks are causing serious damage.

We can strengthen your walls through the use of Thor Helical bars which will bond any cracks. Thor Helical bars have superior strength and are anchored across any cracks. The bars will hold any loads and help the repair process. A relatively painless procedure, the bars will cause minimal disruption but will help to really strengthen your brickwork.

General Repairs-

It is critical that the integrity of your walls is always maintained. If you notice any cracks or damp issues, your walls need attention. However elaborate the designs of your brickwork may be, we will be able to repair and restore your wall, whether it be English bond, herringbone or Flemish bond. When our work is done, the affected area will look indistinguishable from the rest of your brickwork.

Stone Work-

We are also proficient in laying all kinds of stone. Stone will really complement the look of your property and we have constructed a number of stone walls over the years that are very attractive but also extremely durable. If you would like a discussion about what kind of stone you would like to use for your project, get in touch with our friendly team.

General Brickwork-

We know everything there is to know about brickwork. Whether you need general repairs, new builds or renovations, our professionalism will make your project a total success. If you need anything to do with brickwork, get in touch with us and we’ll find the right solution for your needs.

Lime Mortar-

Lime mortar has been used for hundreds of years and is very effective at preserving brickwork and masonry. Lime mortar is formulated using water and an aggregate which makes it permeable. As such, any salt in water is drawn to the lime rather than the masonry. As the mortar cracks rather than the bricks, your walls stay strong and the mortar can be easily replaced. If you would like to ensure that your walls are protected, we can apply lime mortar to your brickwork.

Wall Demolishing and Rebuilding- 

If you need a wall demolished, we’ll be able to take care of it for you. Demolishing walls is a noisy and messy business but you can rely on us to be quick and efficient. When you want to rebuild your new wall, of course you can trust us to build a strong, stable wall which will look perfect on your property.


We know everything there is to know about brickwork at JA Brickwork. Our decades of experience mean that we have worked on every kind of project however big or small. If any problem arises during your brickwork build, you can be sure that we will have encountered it before, and we will be able to identify the right solution that will get your project back on track.


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6, Flat 4, Cooper Court, Oxley Park Milton Keynes MK4 4NG United Kingdom