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Fenster Glazing & Locks Ltd

Contact: Nicolas Baker
Work 104d Station Road Milton Keynes MK17 8SB United Kingdom Phone Number: 01908429200 Membership Type: Join Date: February 25, 2020 Website: Website


Why choose a door from Fenster?

With over 100 door styles, unlimited colours and our huge Glass range to choose from you can create a bespoke door that is truly unique to your home. We supply the UK’s favourite entrance door which has established an enviable reputation for exceptional product quality. Having first been introduced to the UK in 1999, the Distinction door has been tried, tested and trusted by homeowners for over 15 years . During this time over 3 million doors have been installed!
All the range

Our range of colours, styles and glass options will make your door truly unique and by ensuring that we perfectly match the colour, wood grain and moulding on the glazing cassettes, you can guarantee a flawless finish. All of our Glass designs complement our door styles and colours and are triple glazed and laminated as standard for extra security and energy efficiency.

Sustainable & Secure

Our Signature composite door has been independently tested against a solid timber core composite door. The results prove that our composite door is more than 17%+ more thermally efficient. The door leaf and glazing system have a proven ability to achieve PAS24:2016, industry’s enhanced security standard, a prerequisite in attaining certification to Secured by Design a police initiative to protect against unlawful intrusion.

We also supply and install uPVC and Aluminium Doors in an extensive range. Get in touch to find out more.

We have the style you want!

Whether you want simple understated windows, a natural wooden look or want to make a bold statement, we offer the colour options and finishes to suit your preferences. We understand that it’s important for your windows to complement your home’s architectural features and your personal sense of style. Depending on your needs, our UPVC casement windows can be either top-hung opening or side-hung and come in a wide range of combinations, sizes and colours. You can choose clean-cut chamfered beading or a more decorative sculpted ovolo finish, with internal or external Georgian bars if they suit your scheme.

Eco Energy

Within our range, you’ll find the highest energy rated windows on the market. 20% of heat escaping from a home is lost through its windows! We understand that buying replacement windows for you home is a big investment, and that’s why it’s important to get it right. Energy efficient windows with double ā€“ or even triple glazing ā€“ will not only fill your home with natural light but keep your home secure and warm for years and years to come.

Sustainability and Security

Thanks to advances in recycling and product innovation, PVC-U is now widely recognised as a sustainable option for the construction industry. Old PVC-U window frames can be recycled and repurposed up to 10 times without the quality or performance deteriorating. According to the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the average lifespan of PVC-U windows is 35 years, which means PVC-U can offer up to 350 years of high performance, with minimal impact on the environment. And for added peace of mind, all of our UPVC windows come with a high security frame with a multi-point locking system.

We Recycle

The majority of our new window solutions now use post-consumer recycled PVC-U. We also make sure to recycle all of your old windows whether they’re PVC-U, wooden or Aluminium. As one of the largest producers and users of plastic, the PVC-U replacement door and window industry has a big part to play in influencing this process. And as a recycler of PVC-U in the UK we are committed to lending our experience and resources to efforts aimed at improving recycling rates while reducing waste.


We will always repair windows when possible, many people don’t realise that many issues can be fixed efficiently and cost effectively. Get in touch if your windows are not opening or closing, or if you have any gaps letting in draught. Our highly skilled technicians have access to a vast stock of replacement parts making it easy for us to fix it for you.

We supply and install a range of glass and double/triple glazed units.

Obscured Glass – For allowing light in whilst still retaining privacy

We supply and fit a full range of Pilkington patterned glass with varying privacy levels. Browse the different styles here.

Low E Glass ā€“ Great for all round performance and energy efficiency

Glass used in double glazing windows for thermal insulation is known as Low E or low-emissivity glass (the term referring to the surface condition that emits low levels of radiant thermal energy). Made with a microscopically thin, transparent layer (thinner than human hair), it reflects long wave infrared energy for heat. Strategically placed on the inner pane of glass with the purpose to maintain a comfortable temperature and help keep that heat indoors.

Toughened Glass ā€“ Will remain strong, secure and safe, even when broken

Often known as tempered glass this type is up to five times stronger than regular glass. Designed and toughened to shatter into small blunt pieces under pressure (making it much safer than shards of normal glass), it is often used for preparing balcony doors and windows, shower doors and displays, and doors and windows for industrial buildings.

The glass achieves its properties by heating regular glass at high temperatures (650 degrees) and then cooling very quickly. The process makes it tougher and up to 400-500% more resistant to heat and shock than regular glass. Once the glass has gone through this process it cannot be recut.

Laminated Glass ā€“ Won’t shatter even when smashed

Laminated glass technically has the same strength as regular glass but contains a plastic interlayer between the two panes of 3mm thick glass. With the addition of this layer, the glass being thicker, offers better insulation and resistance against shock or damage. The plastic interlayer will hold the shards in place should the glass break, so there is no hole left in the window for an intruder to get through. Laminated glass is often used on doors and ground floor windows due to these properties. It is also the same type of glass you will find in car windscreens and shop fronts.

Acoustic Laminate ā€“ Excellent for sound reduction

Sound reduction glass is another form of laminated glass, containing a special polymer layer engineered to absorb sound waves to reduce noise pollution from entering your home. This type of glass is particularly effective for those households near busy areas such as main roads and airports.

Consisting of two or more sheets of glass bonded together with one or more acoustic interlayers acting a noise dampening centre, weakening the sound as it travels through the glass. By varying the thickness of the sheets of glass, you will find better sound insulation can be achieved. Additionally, acoustic laminated glass benefits from all the safety and security properties of standard laminated glass.

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104d Station Road Milton Keynes MK17 8SB United Kingdom