About Us

Need to find a trusted tradesperson?

About us

Tradesmen Online seeks to connect homeowners with quality and trusted tradespeople local to you. Our online service is designed with homeowners and tradespeople in mind. Whilst tradespeople are able to find local work to support their business and grow their customer base. How did Tradesmen Online Ltd start? Tradesmen Online’s founder started as a tradesman running his own business. When he sold his business, he went to work for a small digital marketing company who also specialised in advertising for Tradespeople. He wanted to create a service which could integrate digital marketing and Lead generation to create a solution for both homeowners and tradespeople.

How our service works

1. We build the Tradesperson a full business profile. Full company name, contact name, contact numbers, address, contact email, company logo, link to tradespersons website and other forms of advertising. We will also include a full business write up of the tradespersons business and can include photos and any affiliated schemes.
2. The customer can browse which Tradesperson they want to engage and be in contact with.

Why should customers use us to source tradespeople?

Tradesmen Online is free to use and allows you to have up to 3 quotes within minutes of submitting your enquiry. Why waste time searching on the internet and looking for tradesperson when we do it all for you.
 Read reviews of trades from other customers.
 You choose who to use and you speak to the tradespeople directly. You have no obligation to accept any quotes you receive.  Our tradespeople are verified by ourselves, and must provide valid address, email address; phone number and public liability insurance. Gas engineers and electricians are required to provide evidence of their qualifications before accepting any jobs.

Why join as a tradesperson?

Using our industry knowledge both as tradespeople and lead generation/marketing experts, we have listened to what tradespeople want.
 Do you want to pay for every lead you receive and scroll through countless emails every day, just for you to contact the customer and for them to say “we have already had the job done!” our leads are fresh and only a few minutes old. Unlike directories, we provide you job leads with return on Investment.
 We offer a 6 month subscription. We can discuss other options with you like longer memberships, other advertising options, eg. Websites, social media etc.
 If you want to grow your business and you are serious in taking on more work, then this is the platform for you.
 There is no automated answering machines when you call us. You get through to someone on every call.
 If you always do what you’ve always done, then you will always get what you’ve always got. Don’t sit back and let others take your work. Get in touch today to make a difference to your business.